From a small family business to a leading player in the world of transportation

Kotra Logistics has grown from a small family business to a leading player in the world of conditioned transport. There are several departments and operating companies within Kotra Logistics. In this, each has its own specialism, such as product or destination. Despite the different disciplines, together, we form a close-knit team. Kotra is like one big family, which makes us unique.


Kotra is an international company, and our drivers drive to many European destinations. Several generations work at Kotra, from young to old, just like in a real family. Caring for each other is at the heart of what we do: we do this internally for our colleagues and externally for our customers. We offer flexible working hours: options include full-time, part-time and on-call work. We think in terms of possibilities and excel in what we do. Our ambition is to keep improving and growing so that our services remain at the highest possible level.

"At Kotra, it truly feels like coming home to one big family. In this organisation, I feel valued and accepted. There is also room for personal development." - Sander, truck driver

This is what Kotra stands for

This is what Kotra stands for:

  • United and strong
  • One family looking out for each other
  • Innovative and ambitious
  • An international focus
  • Always considering time

Working in a growing and diverse market

Working at Kotra means working in a growing market. We continue to push the boundaries to serve our customers in the best possible way. This results in new requests coming in every day. These often come in through word-of-mouth advertising through currentt and satisfied customers. In addition to working in an expanding market, you will also work in a market with various natural products, both fresh and frozen. You will contribute to the continued growth and professionalisation of our transport company. Here, craftsmanship, ambition, commitment and flexibility are key.