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Logistics services

Logistics services

You supply high-quality products; it goes without saying that you want the quality to be guaranteed right up to the moment of delivery.
To ensure spoilage of your products is prevented during transport, specialised transport in a conditioned vehicle is necessary. Kotra Logistics specialises in conditioned transport.

Conditioned transport

Customs clearance


Unburdening from A to Z

All our vehicles are equipped with temperature registration and, in addition, almost all of them are Bi-Temp, allowing us to transport the products quickly and under optimal conditions. This way, fresh and frozen products always arrive at the required temperature for your customers and the products will not suffer unnecessary quality losses.

In most cases, this involves refrigerated and frozen transport, but heated transport is a possibility too. For conditioned transport, it is very important that the products are delivered on time and under the right conditions, which goes without saying at Kotra.

Kotra Logistics provides conditioned transport of, among others:

  • Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

  • Frozen foods

  • Chilled packaged products (MAP) such as meat, vegetables, fruit, potato products, bakery products etc.