From Urk to the UK

For more than 50 years, our subsidiary Brouwer Urk has been providing transport to the UK. It mainly involves the transport of fish and seafood. On Monday, a car with trailer leaves on the ferry to Grimsby. The trailer is unloaded in the area of Hull to London and once a week we drive to Scotland. When the trailer is empty, we drive back to Hull. Here we pick up a full trailer that made the crossing unmanned/unaccompanied and load the empty trailer back on the ferry towards the Netherlands. We will do so until Friday, when the truck and trailer travel back to the Netherlands.


We strive to take care of the customer from A to Z. Transport to the UK is provided by a small team of people who understand their trade. After Brexit came into force, however, transport to and from the UK has become a lot more complex. But with our years of experience and excellent contacts with local agents in the UK, we have enough know-how to efficiently handle your transport to and from the UK. In addition to transport, we also relieve you of the hassle of preparing the right export papers and veterinary inspections.

Fast and efficient

We are sometimes compared to DHL, except we deliver food products. Whether it is fresh or frozen products, one box, a whole pallet or a full freight, it does not matter to us. Your products will find their way to the UK in our conditioned trucks. These are all equipped with bi-temp refrigeration, allowing fresh and frozen products to be transported together.