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We have been transporting mussels from Yerseke to Belgium for over 80 years. Kotra Logistics was the first company to pick up the transport of mussels from Yerseke to Belgium in the 1940s.

Over the years, this has expanded to include other products, and now we are one of the largest transporters in the field of fish transport to Belgium.

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Kotra logistics

Conditioned transport

Warehousing/ Coldstore

Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Trailer Van Maanen voor laden

From Yerseke to Belgium

All shipments to Belgium pass through Yerseke, the heart of our distribution for shipments to Belgium. Many shipments from all over the Netherlands arrive daily with fresh and frozen food items. In Yerseke, these goods are unloaded in a conditioned area and regrouped for departure to Belgium. We deliver daily throughout Belgium.

Stopover in Jabbeke

To get the goods to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also use a depot in Jabbeke. At this depot, the goods are grouped again so they can quickly continue their journey towards retail.

Delivering to retail requires an extra effort from our people on the planning because it means working with a time slot for unloading. An additional challenge for us, but our finely-meshed network allows us to meet it.

Scheldieren transport

Trailers in Yerseke

Fast and efficient

Kotra is sometimes compared to DHL. Whether it is fresh or frozen products, one box, a whole pallet or a full freight, it does not matter to us. We deliver your product throughout Belgium in our conditioned trucks. These are all equipped with bi-temp refrigeration, allowing fresh and frozen products to be transported together. Products produced in Den Helder today can be found in the supermarket in Belgium or at a restaurant on your plate the next day.


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