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At Kotra Logistics, we provide transport to and from Germany from several branches. Traditionally, Germany has been divided into three parts; southern Germany, the Ruhr region and the Frankfurt area. This ensures that we can deliver goods quickly and efficiently, often A before B, anywhere in Germany. From our site in Breskens, we have been transporting food products to northern Germany and beyond to Berlin via the Bremerhaven site for well over 50 years. From IJmuiden, we have a direct line to Krefeld and Frankfurt.

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Kotra logistics

Conditioned transport

Warehousing/ Coldstore

Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Controlle van produten voor transport

Several branches in Germany

In Germany, we have several branches – each with their own speciality. In Frankfurt, we have the largest branch. We are also represented at the airport there. We handle all air cargo transport, consisting mainly of fish both fresh and frozen. Our specialised staff also ensure efficient handling of all customs documents and procedures. Furthermore, we take care of further transport which can cover all of Western Europe. Depending on the final destination of the goods, we can often deliver the goods to the customer the very next day.


To get the goods to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, we use several conditioned cross docks from where the goods quickly make their way to the customer. For instance, we have depots in Frankfurt, Kelsterbach, Bremerhaven and Berlin. We aim to be able to collect the goods as late as possible and deliver the goods to the customer as early as possible. This requires efficient and rigorous planning.

geconditioneerd transport

Scheldieren transport

Fast and efficient

Kotra is sometimes compared to DHL. Whether it is fresh or frozen products, one box, a whole pallet or a full freight, it does not matter to us. We deliver your product throughout Germany in our conditioned trucks. These are all equipped with bi-temp refrigeration, allowing fresh and frozen products to be transported together at the right temperature.

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