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For 60 years, Kotra Logistics has been providing transport throughout France, from central Paris to the South. We guarantee efficient transportation logistics. This way, we not only drive to the destination with a full load, but also return with (fresh) local produce.

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Kotra logistics

Conditioned transport

Warehousing/ Coldstore

Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Kotra Truck voor de Eifeltoren

From Yerseke to France

Our distribution centre in Yerseke is the starting point of the route to France. This is where we load the freights for groupage transport. These consist of both fresh and frozen foods, from fries to mussels. The trucks leave with a full load at fixed departure times to various destinations in France. Our planners and drivers strive to deliver every transport on time. We offer conditioned transport to ensure product quality.

Stopover in Paris or Boulogne sur Mer

On the way, the driver may make a stopover. For instance, we deliver a cargo between stops in Lille or Paris. In Paris, our drivers know their way around like no other and we deliver the freight right in front of the door in the city centre. Our distribution centre in Boulogne sur Mer is also often on the route of our drivers. At this important distribution point, the international fish trade meets for the French market.

Trailer Van Maanen voor laden

Controlle van produten voor transport

Regular scheduled service to Rungis

Besides the many and flexible routes through France, we also have a fixed scheduled service to and from the international market Rungis, below Paris. This route provides a fast and efficient connection from France and northern Spain to Yerseke. We work with fixed departure times, spread throughout the day.

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