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Quality, health, safety and environment are given full attention within Kotra Logistics. The primary principle is that all work is carried out safely; for our employees, third-party employees and the surrounding area. We aim to ensure accident-free work performance, reduce absenteeism and prevent occupational diseases.

Monitoring quality

We put a lot of time and energy into transferring knowledge and experience. After all, this determines the success of the logistics process. Preventing complaints is our minimum goal. Protecting our customers’ products against loss and theft has our full attention.

Driving economically

To maintain high-quality standards, all our drivers have an applicable code 95 on their driving licence. Our fleet consists of modern Euro 6 trucks with a clean and economical diesel engine. The engines emit 80 per cent less nitrogen than the older Euro 5 generation engines. We train our drivers to drive as economically as possible to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. In addition, we closely follow all developments around new fuels and electric driving.


As an organisation, we also pay plenty of attention to sustainable development. Wherever possible, we install solar panels and heat exchangers to be as energy-neutral as possible.

Mutual trust

Kotra Logistics operates in several countries and employs employees of different nationalities. Our policy is to encourage cooperation and mutual trust.