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Our modern refrigerated and freezer terminals offer tremendous possibilities for storing and transhipment of your goods. We provide a high-quality transport route and store your goods expertly and professionally. Thanks to our extensive transport network and the Kotra Coldstores in Yerseke, Breskens and Urk, your products are virtually guaranteed to be close to their final destination.

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Kotra logistics

Transport within and outside Europe!

Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Kotra Coldstore hal

Loading and unloading reefer containers

We load and unload reefer containers at our terminals and provide (temporary) storage services if required. In addition, it is possible to cross-dock container loads in our trailers if the payload is considered too high for Europe.

Receipt, storage and dispatch

Our fully refrigerated transshipment terminals allow trucks to unload and load without interrupting the cold chain, benefiting your product. Plus, our terminals serve as distribution centres. Our experienced staff distributes consignments for various destinations, down to individual packages if required.

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Controlle van produten voor transport


At times, goods must reach their final destination as quickly as possible. Think, for example, of fresh fish or other products that need to be delivered to a supermarket. Kotra Logistics offers the option of cross-docking for this purpose. We have refrigerated transshipment terminals and a cold store terminal to ensure that loading and unloading occur without interrupting the cold chain.

Upon entry, cross-docking involves unloading your cargo immediately and reloading it in such a way that every section of the shipment goes directly to its final destination.

The benefits are:

  • By eliminating the need to store goods first, your products reach their destination much faster.

  • You avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Depending on your situation, cross-docking can also benefit you. We are happy to brainstorm solutions with you.

Koelvers Transport

Order picking

An important part of our daily operations is order picking. We have refrigerated transshipment terminals and a cold storage terminal so that loading and unloading can take place without interrupting the cold chain.
Orders can be delivered digitally and, for example, sent by us on behalf of your company to your customers.


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