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Kotra Germany

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Kotra Germany

In Germany, Kotra Logistics has four branches located in Bremerhaven, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Krefeld. Through these platforms, we distribute fresh fish and frozen products across Germany and Austria. We have approximately 20 vehicles on the roads in Germany every day.

Our Identity

At Frankfurt Airport, you’ll find our Kotra Airfreight branch. We specialize in the comprehensive handling of fresh products arriving via air freight in Frankfurt. We are particularly strong partners in products such as fish, vegetables, and fruits. We can also take care of veterinary inspections and customs clearance of goods in the EU for you. Whether it’s a single box or a full truck, we have a prompt and efficient solution for both scenarios.

Our Destinations
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What we transport

Kotra Transport manages various routes from Frankfurt to destinations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, and the Czech Republic. We also handle transports from Italy to Frankfurt, a service we currently provide.