From the Netherlands to Spain

In Yerseke, the goods arrive from the Netherlands and Belgium, after which the products are transported to Spain. We drive our cars directly to Spanish markets, such as Marca Barna and Merca Madrid. A significant advantage here is our ability to deliver A for B at these destinations. We carry out three departures weekly: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


We aim to unburden the customer from A to Z. Transport to Spain is done by a small team of people who know their trade. As a result, we maintain short lines of communication and customers are serviced by the same people every time. Our drivers know the road like the back of their hand and provide excellent service and undivided attention to your transport. In Spain, we work closely with various distribution centres from where the goods are transported to other parts of the country.

Fast and efficient

Sometimes Kotra is compared to DHL. Whether it is fresh or frozen products, one box, a whole pallet or a full freight – it does not matter to us. We deliver your product all over Spain in our conditioned trucks. The trucks are equipped with bi-temp cooling, allowing fresh and frozen products to be transported together.