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J. Kloos Holland Transport

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J. Kloos Holland Transport

Since 1998, Kloos Holland has been a part of the Kotra group. Operating from the IJmuiden location, Kloos-Holland manages the transportation of fish arriving at various airports in Europe. They load fish daily at airports in Liège, Brussels, Frankfurt, and, of course, Schiphol, which is located just half an hour away from IJmuiden.

From IJmuiden, they serve the market and also provide temporary storage for fresh fish that does not immediately proceed to the customer but is prepared for further transport by warehouse staff a day later. Additionally, IJmuiden is centrally located in relation to fishing towns such as Urk, Enkhuizen, Scheveningen, and Katwijk, ensuring service and speed.

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Van Maanen Koeltransport in Yerseke is gespecialiseerd in het transport van deelzendingen door heel West-Europa. We hebben een sterke focus op groupage transport van met name verse en diepvriesproducten naar Italië en Spanje. We spreken de taal van de ontvangende klant en ontzorgen de verzender optimaal.

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The team at Kloos Holland Transport consists of approximately 30 drivers and 7 people in planning and administration. With 20 vehicles, they ensure that fresh and frozen fish and meat products find their way to customers within the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria every day.

They have a dense distribution network in these countries, allowing for quick and efficient delivery to various locations. The majority of the transport takes place at night, ensuring that all recipients have their ordered products ready to go in the morning.

In addition to exporting goods from the Netherlands, Kloos-Holland also handles many domestic routes for both internal purposes and third parties.