Kloos Holland B.V. is a transport company in IJmuiden, one of the most important fishing ports in the Netherlands. The company specialises in the international groupage transport of fresh and frozen fish. IJmuiden is an important supply port for fish from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, it is centrally located in relation to fishing places such as Urk, Enkhuizen, Scheveningen and Katwijk and close to Schiphol airport. Every day, our trucks leave for the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany to supply the main cities with fresh fish. In addition to the transport of fish products, we also handle various customs formalities if required.


We are also well-versed in transporting fish that arrives at the various airports in Europe. We load daily at the airports of Liège, Ostend, Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Maastricht and Schiphol, places where fish arrives from countries in, for example, Africa, Asia and Scandinavia. This fish is loaded, collected and distributed among the different destinations by us. We can temporarily store fish that is not sold immediately in one of our cold stores. Our hall staff ensure that order-picking to various destinations is carried out quickly and accurately, whether that concerns 10, 100 or 1,000 boxes.


Another specialty of J. Kloos Holland B.V. is the intricate distribution of fresh and frozen fish in Germany. In addition to the daily routes to the traditional fishing centres in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven, we offer groupage transports to the Ruhr area, Frankfurt and Freiburg, among others. Our drivers leave for Germany in the evening to deliver the goods at night and during the morning.


In the years before the Second World War, Jacobus Kloos begins supplying empty baskets to the fishermen in Noordwijk. Later on, he also provides other fishing places with empty baskets. Eventually, the fishermen themselves are also taken to their boats and fish is transported from the fishing boats to the fish market. That transport is initially done by horse and carriage, and the first truck is purchased later on. These operations eventually grow into an international transport company, with daily groupage services to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. In 2003, J. Kloos Holland B.V. expands the groupage transports to Germany. Since 2009, J. Kloos Holland B.V. is incorporated in Kotra Logistics.