De Koeijer Transport


De Koeijer Transport is located in Yerseke, the mussel centre of Europe. Yerseke is centrally located in the middle of all the major fishing centres as well as the main airports in Western Europe. We own a new fleet of vehicles and a modern refrigeration and freezing terminal with an area spanning 4,000 m2. Here, we group products under optimal conditions; to be stored, or for the daily distribution routes. Loading is done per route at one of the 57 dock shelters. If required, we take care of warehousing, cross-docking and order-picking. Our experts accurately distribute your goods per destination.

Fish, crustaceans and shellfish

In addition to the transport of fresh and frozen fish, we are specialised in the transport of crustaceans and shellfish. For decades, we have been the leading transport company for Yerseke shellfish companies. These products are transported and delivered with the utmost care in the Benelux, France and Germany.

Groupage frozen products

Groupage transport of frozen products such as potato products, vegetables, fruits, board, etc.
Our freezer terminal, Kotra Coldstore Yerseke, also offers the possibility to store fresh and frozen goods.



The history of De Koeijer Transport dates back to 1880 and starts with a horse and carriage. In that year, Adriaan Bom starts transporting oysters to the local train station, which is why we consider him the founder of the transport company De Koeijer. He has authorisation from the well-known Van Gend & Loos and transports barrels of oysters to the Kruiningen-Yerseke station. In 1926, Kees marries Miene Bom. It is extraordinary that, generations later, this marriage leads to the creation of Kotra Logistics and a passion for logistics that is passed on from generation to generation.

From generation to generation

After the Second World War, Piet and Adri take over the company from their father, Kees. In 1978, they move the company to the Molenpolder industrial estate. The third De Koeijer generation take over the company in 1989 and move the company to a newly built building in the Olzendepolder. In 2003, the De Koeijer site is expanded further with 22 loading platforms.


The cooperation with a Scandinavian shipping company marks an important development in the company's recent history. That company transports fresh fish from the Faroe Islands to Vlissingen, every week. De Koeijer Transport seizes the opportunity to transport that fresh fish all over Europe.

Specialised transport services

Another major change is the choice of mussel companies to transfer the transport of their products to De Koeijer Transport. This specialised transport unburdens them on many fronts. Due to all these changes, De Koeijer Transport has to invest heavily. That is why Transport Vooruit in Breskens was approached, and this collaboration led to a takeover by the company in 1995. This conglomerate of transport companies continues to expand in the following years. In 2009, Transport Vooruit transfers to the holding company Kotra Logistics, led by Erik de Koeijer, the fifth generation.

 Transport Vooruit


Transport Vooruit is located in Breskens (NL). The company specialises in the international transport of fresh and frozen goods.

Fresh and frozen fish

International groupage transport of fresh and frozen fish is the main activity of Transport Vooruit. For this purpose, our two locations have fully refrigerated transshipment terminals, specially designed for unloading, grouping and loading fresh fish. Needless to say, it makes no difference to us whether it concerns 100 kilos or 10,000 kilos.

Groupage frozen products

Transport Vooruit also transports frozen vegetables, fruits and potato products. We transport these goods with the greatest care, deliver them on time and at the right temperature.

Storage and transshipment

Our fully refrigerated transshipment terminals make it possible to unload and load trucks without interrupting the cooling chain. Additionally, our terminals serve as a distribution centre. Our experienced employees distribute batches for various destinations, as accurately as desired. We carefully administer the order picking. In addition, we have options for storing both fresh fish and frozen products. The cold stores are equipped with pallet racks, which allows us to work in a flexible and well-organised manner and to make optimum use of the space.


Transport Vooruit was founded by the Oosterbaan brothers in 1958, in Breskens. The company focuses on the transportation of fresh and frozen fish, collected in Urk, Den Helder, Zeebrugge and Ostend. The fish is stored and then transported to major cities such as Paris, Milan, Hamburg and Boulogne sur Mer.
In 1973, Transport Vooruit opens a branch in Denmark, first in Krusa, and later in Padborg. The company grows steadily and starts making use of a transshipment terminal in 1989. Over the years, several transport companies are taken over. In 2009, the entire Oosterbaan Transport Group transfers to the holding company Kotra Logistics.

Since February 1, 2019, internal logistics within Denmark have ceased.