Cold stores

Kotra Logistics has a number of cold stores where we provide both storage and cross-docking.
With our multi-temperature trailers, we transport both fresh and frozen products.

Our cold store operations are easy to combine with the transport section. On day A, the client can send the result, and on day A it is already on transport for unloading on day B.

Kotra Colstores Yerseke (KCY)


Europallets Customs Depot (A) 2,234 epl
Europallets zone (B) 2,760 epl
Europallets fixed racks (C) 1,245 epl
Total number of pallets in position KCY racks + open space  
6,250 epl

 Cross-Dock Facility

Surface area Kotra Coldstore Yerseke    4,250 m2
Surface area large freezer cell 2,447 m2
Surface customs warehouse    652 m2
Total freezer section
3,099 m2


Surface area cross-dock expedition (9 dock shelters): 844 m2

Temperature (zones)

Frozen section: -22 °C
Fresh section:  +2 °C

T1 posibilities

Total europallets Customs Depot (A): 2,234 epl

Kotra Coldstores Breskens (KCB)

Capacity: 1.100 pallet places
750 m2 cross-dock space
Temperature: -20 °C
T1 storage
Taking care of customs clearance.