Kotra Logistics is a reliable, independent partner for refrigerated transport via groupage. Our company provides refrigerated and frozen transport of a large number of products to any desired location in Europe. We are specialised in the groupage transport of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. In addition to this specialisation, we also take care of the groupage of frozen food products (potato products, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

Minimise transport costs

Through groupage, our customers can reduce their transport costs by bundling the flow of goods from different customers.

Uninterrupted cooling chain

Our fully refrigerated transshipment terminals make it possible to unload and load trucks without interrupting the cooling chain. Additionally, our terminals serve as a distribution centre. Our experienced employees distribute batches for various destinations, as accurately as desired.

Conditioned transport

Kotra Logistics specialises in conditioned transport. The conditioned vehicles are equipped with temperature registration, which allows the products to be delivered quickly and under optimum conditions. The fresh products always reach the customers at the right temperature.

With conditioned transport, perishable goods are transported in a controlled atmosphere, ensuring the products do not lose quality unnecessarily. In most cases, we are dealing with refrigerated transport, but heated transport is also possible. With conditioned transport, it is of great importance that the products are delivered on time and under the right conditions.

You deliver quality products. Of course, you want this quality to be guaranteed and not lost during transport. In order to prevent spoilage of, for example, vegetables, fruit and other products, specialist transport is required in the form of refrigerated transport. Kotra Logistics provides the conditioned transport of, among other things:

  • Fresh and frozen fish, crustaceans and shellfish;
  • Frozen meat, vegetables, fruits, potato products, etc.

Reefer container

Reefer is the professional term for containers for temperature-sensitive goods, specifically for goods that must be transported refrigerated. We load and unload reefer containers in our freezer terminals and provide the (temporary) storage of your products if desired.


Sometimes, it is important that goods reach a final destination as soon as possible. Think, for example, of fresh fish or other products that have to be delivered to a supermarket. Kotra Logistics offers the possibility of cross-docking. We have refrigerated transshipment terminals and a refrigeration/freezing terminal so that loading and unloading can take place without interrupting the cooling chain.

With cross-docking, your cargo is unloaded immediately upon arrival and reloaded in such a way that every part of the shipment goes directly to its final destination.

The benefits are:

  • Because goods do not have to be stored first, your products will arrive at their destination much faster.
  • You avoid unnecessary storage costs.

Depending on your situation, cross-docking can also have benefits for you. We are happy to think along with you.

Order picking

Order picking is an important part of our daily operations. We have refrigerated transshipment terminals and a refrigeration/freezing terminal so that loading and unloading can take place without interrupting the cooling chain.

Orders can be submitted digitally and, for example, sent to your customers in your name.

Customs clearance

Kotra Logistics will provide complete customs clearance if required. We will take care of all the paperwork and the necessary documents. Our specialised team has all the necessary knowledge to help you.


Our modern refrigeration and freezing terminals offer a lot of possibilities for the loading and unloading of your goods. We ensure a high-quality transport route and store your goods expertly and professionally. Thanks to our strong transport network and the Kotra Coldstores in Yerseke and Breskens, your products are almost always close to the final destination.