About Kotra

Our mission and values

Kotra has been a family business since 1880. We are proud of what we do, of our people and of our customers. With a customer-oriented approach, we work on optimum customer appreciation and delivery reliability. With a modern fleet of vehicles and drivers who speak the customer's language, we unburden and connect producing companies with receiving parties. We perform that logistical role to the best of our abilities.

Our mission

  • Kotra LogisticsKotra is a family business where the customer comes first. We specialise in the logistics of conditioned fish products (fresh and frozen).
  • Our goal is to be the market leader in this segment, and we view Europe as our area of work.
  • We realise that logistics is more than just transport.

Our principles

  • Fair
  • Customer-oriented
  • Good for people and the environment
  • Long-term relationships
  • Independent and impartial service provider
  • Trust (giving and receiving)